EPFO Good News: PF cash may be deposited in your bank account in just 72 hours

EPFO Good News: PF cash may be deposited in your bank account in just 72 hours

Ever given that EPFO has given the option of "OUTBREAK OF PANDEMIC (COVID-19)" (ie 75% of cash from your PF account or whatever may be reduced from your three-month salary), lakhs of personnel have Applied to withdraw money from their PF, however, most of the PF members have no longer obtained their PF money yet. People frequently ask, when do we get PF cash?

The EPFO gave the power to PF account holders to withdraw 75% of the cash from their PF account in the course of the time of this epidemic, but this facility has no meaning if the PF account holders do no longer get hold of the cash at the time of need. In this sort of situation, Good News has been given via tweeting on behalf of EPFO.

If you are also an account holder of EPFO Employees Provident Fund Organization and want to withdraw your PF develop money under "OUTBREAK OF PANDEMIC (COVID-19)", you then have been given high-quality facility from EPFO. Normally it takes 10-15 days for withdrawal of PF cash, however, now your PF money will come to your financial institution account in just 72 hours i.E. Just 3 days.

EPFO Good News: PF cash will be deposited in your bank account in only 72 hours

EPFO stated that now within 72 hours, your pf claim will be settled. EPFO tweeted on nine April 2020 that under "Outbreak of Pandemic (Kovid-19)", the withdrawal of improving PF or personnel who've already made a boost claim (pf strengthen claim) thus far To get immediate relief although the settlement has no longer been done, he can claim boost PF once more under "OUTBREAK OF PANDEMIC (COVID-19)", and his PF claim is most effective 3 days i.E. 72 hours (pf claim settled best three days) Will be settled in 

Must be KYC Update

Through this tweet, EPFO has also told that best those whose KYC will be absolutely completed, their PF claim might be settled within 72 hours. But the claims of the PF member who do no longer have KYC whole might be taken in the guide process, which can also take time, so any worker who does not have KYC, complete your KYC without delay and get the PF money in your financial institution account in seventy-two hours simplest.

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