Finance Ministry Salaries and pensions will not be affected

Finance Ministry Salaries and pensions will not be affected

The Finance Ministry today clarified that there is no proposal to reduce pensions of central government employees.

One of the users in twitter asked Finance Minister that,

A central govt circular showing 20% cut in pension disbursement is doing rounds in social media and TV channels creating panic among defense pensioners. Is the truth in it? Please clarify urgently

After this tweet, the official Minister of Finance replied with the following details on twitter.

It is being reported that a 20% cut in Central Government Pensions is being planned. This news is FALSE. There will be no cut in pension disbursements. It is clarified that salaries and pensions will not be affected by Government Cash Management instructions.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also shared the ministry’s tweet and tweeted following details

Thanks for approaching seeking a clarification. There is no cut in pension

Now it is clear that there is no cut in Salary & Pension for Central Government Employees and Pensioner

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